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Kanye Omari West is God

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_kanye-west-11.jpegAmerican rapper Kanye West has allowed his ego to get the better of him once again. Ayimameli lentwana madoda.

Ngoku ayitsibanga ilitye likaphungela, itsibe uphungela uqobo. It’s being reported that Yay as West fanatics call him will release a new single titled “I Am A God”. Thixo madoda!

Apart from his slick flow and rhymes, Mr Kim Kardishian is known for his big mond. He is very egoistic and is a proud non reader as well.

He once called former president of that country, American, George Bush racist after Hurricane Katrina hit the sleepy city of New Orleans almost ten years ago. “George Bush doesn’t like black people!” West said.

Kutsha nje lekwedini bekuvakale ingxelo zokuba he plans to call his expected baby, North.just nje uMntla. Kaloku he and his boo, Kim are expecting. Bagcwele zonke incwadi zomgosi ke aba babini.

Sometime back a sex tape lasting forty minutes of the two was leaked to the internet. Kim unayo nenye isex tape with singer, Ray Jay.

Le number yomjita intsha, if it indeed is titled I Am A God is likely to rub religious fanatics up the wrong way. Abaqhelwa njalo abazalwane basenkosini ngenkolo yabo.

Kanye nengqina lakhe  uJay Z aka Jayhova  are said to be the members of the illuminati. They are said to be devils. People point at their music videos for signs that they are evil. Now Kanye ngunkulunkulu and Jay is jehova, lamajita adlala ngabantu apha.

Ingqina likaKanye twitted eligama lale new single but quickly removed it. Now the world is waiting in anticipation of what it would actually be called.

West has a song called Jesus Walks from his first album, College Dropout. The good book clearly states that God created man (kind) in his own image, so maybe Kanye has a point, we are all God like after all ne?

This title is likely to push its sales up, smart move Mr West.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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