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Ray j starts beef with K West


Music lovers should brace themselves for another bruising battle, beef!This time an RnB artist is beefing with a rapper. Brandy’s little brother, Ray J has started what could go down as beef with Kanye West. Ray j has a new song out called I hit it First. In this song he is making referrals about Kim Kardishian

Kim is currently pregnant with Kanye’s baby.The two have been all over the media. Could this be termed jealousy from Ray J?

 Before West, Kim dated Ray J. they were the glamour couple. But then they broke up. Now it appears that Ray j still has a hangover about Kim.

Who can blame him? Kim is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her sexy figure turns heads where ever she goes. Although that figure, is now bigger and rounder.

 She and Ray even made a sex tape while they were still together. The tape was all over the internet. It went viral. This is when most people got to know about Kim Kardishian.

In this song, Ray J even makes mention of the tape. This is what is referred to as a punch line in Hip Hop circles. Kuzofiwa!

At the moment Kanye hasn’t said anything. He is probably working on a reply. The fans are hoping it comes soon.

Beefs over women is nothing new in Hip Hop. The late Tupac made a song where he dissed his nemesis, Notorious B.I.G. he claimed to have slept with the latter’s wife, Faith Evans.

Kanye’s big brother also, Jay Z made the same remarks about fellow rapper and now best friend, Nas. At the height of their beef, Jay claimed to have slept with Nas’ baby mother.

This promises to be a good one. May the best cat win.

By Siphiwo Nkonki



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