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The island of Jay Z


Jay z is reportedly preparing to buy an island for his family, wife and daughter, Beyonce and Blue Ivy to chilax.Hova as Jay is know has the money and can therefore buy the things he wants to buy. Haters can do likewise, hate. But as the saying goes, don't hate the player, hate the game.

Forbes magazine recently named him the second richest rapper behind pal, P. Diddy. He and his wife are one of the powerful couples in Hollywood. They have been married for five years already.

This island that he is planning to buy would not be the first thing he owns. He also owns a basketball team. His is a true story of rags to riches. At one time he said he was not a businessman, he was business itself.

Jay is an inspiration to many of the kids in the ghettos of the world. He has achieved way beyond anyone’s imagination. He grew up in a poor community in the Mercy projects in Brooklyn, New York. He claims to have sold drugs before he became a rapper.

Jay one of the oldest rappers still relevant to young audience. He has changed his style of rapping over the years. There were also rumors of him being in the illuminati, a secret society of devil worshippers.

At one time Hova announced that he was retiring in music. However, a few years later he came back and recorded a song with his then rival, Nas.

Hov is so well respected by his peers that most agree that what he has achieved in Hip Hop has never been done before. This island is just another piece of bling to Jay. You can expect him to taunt rappers about it.

He has come along way since his first album, Reasonable Double in 1996. Hov is a living legend.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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