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Professor has been formally charged by the NPA.



Kwaito star Professor has been formally charged by the NPA.The Kalawa Jazzmee artist is being charged for wearing police uniform at the prestigious Metro FM awards held eThekwini.Lomjita had everyone shocked when he went up to collect his award fully dressed in cop regalia. The guy didn’t mean any harm by this.

He was over the moon with excitement in winning the award and was still celebrating when news broke that amagatta ayeza. Waqhawka ujingi abantwana bedlala, lanquma inqatha.

This majaivane looked good in the uniform. Some of our cops were probably jealous of the way it fitted him so perfectly.

The excitement was short lived as Prof was to appear before umantyi. It is against the law for ordinary members of the society to be kitted and booted in cop uniform. People need to know that this is not a banana republic. Running a country is serious business and majita should tore the line or face the consequences.

Some say it was not the first time Prof has done this. People are wondering why they went after him this time around. Possibly, Professor didn’t mean any harm by doing this and maybe it was just some sort of a joke to him to wear the uniform. It appears now that the joke is on him.

But why did he have to go to these extremes to catch the crowd reaction. He has sold thousands of albums, has the money and could buy expensive clothes. The question is where he got the uniform from. It looked quite genuine.

Possibly he could get a fine for this as it is not really a big thing. Besides, the last thing Mzansi wants is another celebrity going to jail.

But whatever happens, the law must take its course. Unfortunately one can’t plead ignorance of the law.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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