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Here I am, Bartender




So you have decided that after a long week of waiting on responses and calls from clients and colleagues, you need a night out on the town uyozijabulisa.

Eventually you arrive at party central and all you can think about is getting a refreshing drink and letting go of all your cares and woes. The problem that you now have is getting that drink as you realise that once again you will be waiting… This time, on the bartender.

It is always a good thing to get to a party a little earlier than the rest, which may not do much for your ‘fashionably late’ appeal; at least you will get to build a relationship nobartender uphole with your drinks and socialize before the rush.

Do not bang or shout at the bartender as he/she will not appreciate it and most likely akshaye nge spoof. Bartenders have peripheral vision so try to stay within their view and once they nod or summons you, mshaye nge order same time.

Have your cash ready in your hand as it is the worst thing to have the bartender wait for you as you fumble in your wallet for money. Don’t ask your bartender to smile, you try and be behind the bar and keep smiling all night long, extremely tough. Chances are he/she probably greeted or nodded at you earlier.

Last but not least , tip your bartender, smile and be polite, a cheerful spirit (not flirtatious) will always get the best service.



By Martine Hendricks 

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