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The Loop

 Stepping into the club situated on the corners of Loop and Pepper in the CBD, you have no doubt that this place is a top class destination.

Colour follows you as you go, inspired by the flavours from the Bo Kaap, the Lumo colour scheme is a welcoming change to the traditional dark décor on display in most clubs. The smashing light glowing on the dance floor also has neon elements which reflects a splash of insane colour on the bar, begging you to make your way for an exotic drink.



Glowing lounges galore boasting on various levels to mesmerize your visual senses. The first set of steps lead you into a huge smoking area with its own bar and balcony, every preference catered for.

Clearly The Loop has been designed to attract the elite and top shayelas of Mzansi with its illuminating sophistication and uncompromising style.






By Martine Hendricks

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