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Crazy night out



Wouldn’t it be nice to rewind a few years ebutsheni bakho and party hard? Go home in the morning and not remember any happenings of the night before? Here is a great way to party. But make sure that you don’t drink and drive.

First and for most, have a braai or a little chillas in the afternoon with a few drinks. Don’t get drunk though lest you don’t gain entrance into clubs later in the day.

             Around 7pm go out for some dinner at places like Capellos, Dros and News Café. Continue with some drinks and get into the mood. Places like News Café that play a little music are better before they put you emood(ini) yojaiva.

          Around 10pm the night then begins. Right about now you can go anywhere with no reservations because sowu mnandi kancani

           The best night is always when you go out to all the clubs that you and your friends like. One club per night is boring. Go to Stones for some great house hits, nenja zakho zasekasi you will find here. Here you will dance your head off, playing a little bit of pool and soccer table.


Cape Town Long street    Move on to places like the Kitchener’s that plays your “white music”. At this point uzobesewunxila kengok. Keep moving to clubs that give you that good vibe. Try places like the square in Pretoria, 7th in Melville Johannesburg and Long Street in Cape Town. They have all the clubs you may seek.

         In the A.M’s when everything is settling down a little, hit a strip club. Yea mfethu, no need to be shy, we know men like a little “ass”. Just go relax and enjoy the show. Let the events of the whole night sink in before you go home. If unecheri you might want to consult her about this one first though.


Tip: Drinking is dangerous to health.



By  Ancillar Mangena
Photos: Cappellos @FB
            Jaded101  @Flickr

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