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Diddy does it again


Bad Boy records owner and founder, P Diddy has again been named the richest rapper.Diddy who hasn't released an album in ages is sitting atop of everyone and looks at home too.He has so much money that he doesn't even knows what to do with it.

He has amassed a whooping USD 580 million. Diddy has a range of other businesses he runs. He has been in the rap game for a long time now.

Coming second to him is Jigga, Jay Z. Diddy has been racking it in rap standings for three years in a row now. Who will topple this man?

Sean Combs has changed his name so many times that one just doesn't know what to call him anymore. Maybe we should call him Money Maker Combs.

Forbes magazine announced that the good doctor, Dr Dre receives a bronze on the stakes.  He is the only rapper from the West Coast in the top 5.

The question now is, where are Mzansi rappers, bakuphi vele?

Why are our Hip Hop artists not making it on the list. The flow is good and the lyrics are tight but asibaboni bekhankanywa. Kwenze njani cats?

Perhaps a local artists need to tell us how much they made last year so we could compare. Hip Hop in Mzansi has grown by leaps and bounds since the early days of POC.

Artists these days have sponsorships and their records are moving out the shelves. The fans need to know who is Mzansi’s version of P Diddy or Jay Z.

Currently, there is no single name in hip hop that can say it carries the genre’s name up higher. The music has failed to be Mzansi’s number one genre. Around the world hip hop rules.

Anybody, anywhere, even in war torn countries names like Jay Z, Lil Wayne are as popular as Coca Cola or KFC.

Rise up Mzansi Hip Hop!

By Siphiwo Nkonki 

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