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Profile of the King of Kwaito


Like any music genre, kwaito has that one artist that people say is the real makoya in it all.The artists themselves cannot say for certain that they are “kings” in their genre, the fans and supporters debate it for many years.In hip hop for instance, four names are branded around as to who really is the king, B.I.G, Nas, Jay Z or Tupac.

 The same is true with kwaito. Certain people have their idea of who is the king. One artist that has come out and proclaimed his kingship is, Arthur Mafokate.

Arthur has done wonders for the music, not only kwaito but other genres as well. He has discovered artists who have gone on to achieve such success. The likes of Lira come to mind.

He has achieved a lot in his career and continues to win awards as we saw recently he won an award at the Metros held Ethekwini.

He came up with what would be called the first hit kwaito music ever had, remember the song Vuvuzela? This was way before the vuvuzela instrument was used kwidiski. But one song that really announced his landing was Kaffir.

“Say nee, bass, don’t call me a Kaffir”, he sang. This was just a year after democracy; mzansi was still not ready to hear that word more especially from a black dude. Arthur transcended all boundaries.

Anybody who knows anything about fashionable dances in mzansi would tell you that Arthur came up with them. Abo-twalatsa, kwasa kwasa and many others. He is a dance chronographer as well

 With two decades of music experience behind him, Arthur has not lost his mojo. At a certain point in his career he had beef with a group called Brothers of Peace comprising of Oskido and Bruce. That beef ahs since been squashed.

Artjur owns 999 recording company where the likes of Chommie record their music. He attributes his success to commitment saying, : “I commit myself in everything that I do. Give me a script now to portray a character, for example, and you’ll see my dedication. I’d never claim my looks have anything to do with my success. It’s entirely what comes from within me.”

The man is one of the few real role models that the youth of Mzansi can look up to and be proud. He is a dotting father to his daughters as well.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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