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The DJs run this town



rue to its tag as a country of firsts, Mzansi will be hosting the first ever DJ’s awards next month.The awards include a range of, not only Mzansi DJs but Africa’s as a whole. They will be invading Sandton in Jozi to spin discs and collect awards and of course, randelas. Ama-organisers alezi-awards, Stronghold Entertainment, Stats Media and Kollertunz have come out and said it out that abo-DJ ekasi has more moola, style and bling than any musician. Truth.

 Amacherri ayawathanda oDJ. A party is not a party until a DJ izwakele. Today ekasi Djs run the whole music scene.

Any day in the top 40, the number one song is likely to be a song of the DJ. Without a doubt, House music is the music that gets the groove started.

Because of the popularity of DJs in Mzansi, these awards are started. For over a decade now, House music has been the music raking in the most moola. DJs in Mzansi are paid and paid in full. Although kwaito music is still around and playing, the fact is, House music has knocked it off the porch.

Mzansi DJ have become bigger than the artists they play their music. A guy like DJ Sbu who happens to be a radio Dj and club DJ as well is more popular than any pop artist.

The awards come in a wide range as DJs play all kinds of music and are also wide spread. There are radio DJ, club DJs and so forth.

The tickets for the awards are already on sale but are going in a slow pace. Abo-Jezebel (whatever that is) are expected to fill the arena on May 4.

DJ are celebrities and are making moves especially apha ekasi. It is only fair that they be honoured for the sterling job they are doing. They have boosted a career of many new artists.

Anyone going to the ceremony will be dished with a variety of flavor. There would be DJs from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and many other countries doing their things.

Radio DJs are especially excited about this. They have been making artists popular but have never got the recognition they would feel they deserve.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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