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Cuff your pants

Cuff_3.jpgWho remembers the ‘turnup’ or the roll up pants? Well, James Dean was the man who took ownership of this look ngeskhathi samzukwana, and he rocked it! It’s all about adding a suave edge to your trousers and creating some character to your 


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Men and their drinks.

alcoholic_drink.pngBefore holding that drink in your hand, know what it says about your personality and social status. So before sipping that fruity flavored cider or Mojito know the impression you make.


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Pornstars must wear condoms

condoms.jpgAn American judge has upheld as constitutional a Los Angeles County law requiring adult film performers to wear condoms.Friday's ruling is a setback to porn producers who filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the Safer Sex


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Mock-up cover released


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