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Colour blocking


Who could have guessed that a green chino with a purple cardi would be the fashion addiction of abalova? Extreme sophistication and flare is what it’s all about and that means that black socks are out and royal blue socks are acceptable!

 Even with all this hype there is still a fear of coming across as too bold or arrogant perhaps; but that is exactly what the trend is about, being confident enough to stand in your beige loafers with the yellow soles.

Like your Achie Moraka’s dared to rock amaKris belts in the 60’s, today is your day to go out there and be all you can be by unblocking your inhibitions and rocking the colour blocking trend like only a real man can.



By Martine Hendricks      


Photo credit: 360nobs.com, Goldie Lyamu


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