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Don't be a casualty of the Uncapped ADSL


Surely 20 Gigs of Data is way too much for a family of 10 to use a month, for R500 a month you can easily share this with 5 of your neighbours...That’s R100 per house.

Unless you only use internet for mailing without any attachments don't even dare go uncapped.

Before opting for a "cost-effective", "extremely competitively priced" - read "cheap" - uncapped ADSL solution for your Business or Home, ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Is the service shaped or unshaped? A shaped solution is extremely slow.
  • Is it throttled in some manner or form? A throttled solution is extremely slow.
  • Is priority given to some kinds of traffic over others such as peer-to-peer applications? And if so, how will this affect you? Trust me 80% are
  • Is there a rolling threshold on the uncapped allowance? If so, what happens when you reach that threshold?
  • Does the service have connectivity redundancy on its international links - essential if one link goes down?

Note Telkom provide most of this bogus providers with ADSL....They buy a specific amount and redistribute it...With these tough times they all want to stay afloat.

Don’t get ripped off and if you do remember you were warned.

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