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Mary Mary coming to Mzansi


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Erica_and_Tina_Campbell.jpgAmerican gospel group, Mary Mary are coming ekasi to perform for the Mzansians.

Mary Mary baqala ucula ngo 2000 icwecwe labo elabenzela udumo kumhlaba wonke u Thankful won them a Grammy award.

Their single Shackles introduced these fine, sexy sisters of gospel to the Mzansi audience. Erica and Tina Campbell also have a reality show on Season 2 now.The duo have had some of their fans worried about the future of the group. Tina however wazama ukwehlisa umoya ngexesha athetha no Gospel Talk, wathi: "We do realize that what we have with Mary Mary is special and it's not the same a part."

Lamacheri, omabini atshatile will only perform once apha ekasi eRhema Bible Church in Randburg.

Only a limited number yamatikiti izothengiswa, starting on 18th of February. Walala wasala!

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