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The Crook lenders


Running out of cash? Is it that time in the month ?Need a kick start?

They all come in different sorts and they all market themselves in different ways yet this money lenders are a bunch of crooks to reckon with .They

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Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi its WAR

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Aaronhealth_minister.jpgJust the other day we were crying out loud on how our kids are "dancing with their fathers",Seriously this booze thing is driving Ekassi bonkers.Lager,export,Lite and now Mama beers when will it stop?Brother Aaron has decided enough is enough and he is 

Who are the Guptas

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_WEDDINGP.jpgLocal Amajita's are stunned and wondering what the fuss is all about.For ages we have known Kenny as the real Skothane king,little did we know Kenny has nothing compared to Guptas.Talk about Randelas and the 

Kids are drunkards


It is reported that half of amajimbos amancane eMzansi are izidakwa zangempela.

In the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest provinces eMzansi, one in two guys is a dronkie, smh. Amajita are so sleg that they even have a puza face.

The province has now taken a drive to educate abantu abasha kwelaphondo about the dangers of alcohol. Most of these kids are dependent on alcohol.

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The Ben 10 trend


Designer labels, expensive alcohol, free lavish accommodation and flashy cars are some of the things that the Ben 10 gets. But the Ben 10 has to take care of the women’s needs too and follow her rules. Times have changed, more and more women are becoming independent and wealthy and know what they want.

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Eat your meat

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_meat.jpgDespite everything that has been reported in the media lately, red meat is still good and safe to eat.This was told to parliament yesterday that Mzansians ought not to worry about the other forms of meat found as those are also duidelik to eet.

The reports started in Britain and just when Mzansians

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Get over it White males earn the most

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_blazer_4.jpgAlmost twenty years after democracy, economic freedom is still to happen for many black Mzansi men.Money has simply been alluding black men and there is no two ways to name this. We got the crown but white males wear the jewels.

Is it because I’m black?

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Riah_police_commisioner.jpgPolice brutality has again claimed another victim, this time a victim with some political connections.Lately it seems the police are on a mission and no one knows when it would end or what kind of a mission it is

Profile of the King of Kwaito

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_kwaito_classics.jpgLike any music genre, kwaito has that one artist that people say is the real makoya in it all.The artists themselves cannot say for certain that they are “kings” in their genre, the fans and supporters debate it for many years.

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Boitumelo Thulo Mzansi Hottest


Voted sexiest woman in South Africa by the Sowetan . Boity is definitely MzansiMens’s hottest girl. Born on 28 April 1990 Boitumelo Thula was born to be a TV personality and model. Boity’s (Boitumelo Thulo) career started with a

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Bra Kenny wabantwana?

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Kenny_kunene.jpgKenny Kunene is at it again, he has left Mzansi with jaws down to the floor once again.There’s never a dull moment with bra Kenny around or in the news. He always manages to pull a sucker punch just when amajita think he is finished. He is one of

Where the sisters at?

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Angie-Motshekga.jpgEmbattled Basic Education minister,Angie Motshekga believes that mzansi needs imbokodo leaders to shape the destiny of the country.Women are the majority in mzansi but have fewer representatives

Gay wedding blows Americans over

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_GAY_MAKOTI.jpgA Recent gay marriage that happened in KwaZulu- Natal has blown the United States of America over and has tongue talking in Obamaland.Two weeks back, Thoba Sithole and Cameron Modisane exchanged I do's in a traditional Zulu marriage style.

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Viewers gatvol with Generations

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_generations-sabc1.jpgViewers have had it up to their nose with Mzansi’s most popular soapie, Generations.The show has millions of viewers every night glued to their tellies. It has more viewers than any soapie eMzansi.

Nokia 105 is the real deal

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_nokia_105.jpgCellphone maker Nokia have done it again, they are continuing on their thread as the trend setters in cellphone technology.

Kungentsuku zatywala uzokubona iNokia 105 kwivenile ezithengisayo. Wonke ubani angazifumanela le iphones as it

Moon darkens on Bryce

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_moon_darkens_on_Bryce.jpgFormer Bafana Bafana international Bryce moon has been found guilty of culpable homicide.In 2009 Moon drove his German sedan, Mercedes Benz over a domestic worker and the women subsequently died in

Cops declare war on drugs

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Cops_photo.jpgWestern Cape police have declared war on drugs and drug merchants found in the province.iKapa is the Tik haven of Mzansi. Gangsterism and drugs is rampart in areas surrounding Cape Town. The cape flats are

Kenny le fong kong

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_kenny_kunene.jpgOpposition party, democratic alliance has decided to venture outside of politics and took a jab at the Sushi king himself, Kenny Kunene.Amajita amancane ekasi are starved of role models. It’s no secret that most

Apartheid at fault or not?

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_President_Jacob_Zuma_Official.jpgThings are heating up at government with a minister saying we can’t blame apartheid while the president says we can.Trevor Manuel says government should stop the blame game and start catering

Snipes is home

American actor, Wesley Snipes is finally out of jail.b_152_152_16777215_00_images_wesley_snipes.jpgUthole ushwele and is happiest to be able to go to idladla lakhe emva kweminyaka emingaka ehleli eluvalelweni. Uzakutsho alale kwingubo zakhe

Mzansians Snubbing Facebook

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_facebook_photo.JPGMzansians are snubbing social network, Facebook in droves.Amajita namcherri ekasi are sick and tired of this social network that they are constantly deleting their accounts yonke imihla.

King’s cars go under the hammer

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_goodwill-zwelithini.jpgThere’s a big sale in town, King Goodwill Zwelithini will ngomso see some of his cars sold at auction.The king is known for his expensive taste in cars and could be termed the king of bling. Unlike a certain Mr Kunene

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Gay makoti in KZN

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_GAY_MAKOTI.jpgYesterday a KZN witness a marriage with a difference, a gay marriage.A place called Stanger in KZN welcomed umakoti omusha. The couple married in traditional style. Stanger is where Inkosi uShaka abuya khona.

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Blacks are ugly

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Black_Women_In_College.jpgOf everybody in Mzansi, black people are the least attractive and are a pain to look at.This is according to the survey conducted by the best university in Mzansi, University of Cape Town. It reported this on its campus newspaper kutshanje.

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Alcohol ads to be banned

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_alcohol_photo.jpgSoon there would be another extraction on Mzansi televisions and Billboards if the Health Minister has his way.Aaron Motsoaledi plans to have advertisement banned from all around.

Mandela is very much alive

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_madiba.jpgFormer president Nelson Mandela is very much alive and doing very well in an undisclosed hospital eJozi mabone.If Madiba bekungumrapper he would sing “Many Men” by 50cent.

Mock-up cover released


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