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Pornstars must wear condoms

condoms.jpgAn American judge has upheld as constitutional a Los Angeles County law requiring adult film performers to wear condoms.Friday's ruling is a setback to porn producers who filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the Safer Sex

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Facebook Hacked Big Time

khalil-shreateh-the-hacker.jpgA hacker from Palestine found a Facebook glitch that allowed anyone to post on a stranger’s wall, but when the company ignored his warnings he took them all the way to the top by posting about the issue on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall.

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Ganja and Spiders

spider.jpgJason mentioned the other day that he and his wife were watching the new series Orange is the New Black, wherein one of the characters talks about how deer were eating her marijuana plants. The factoid checked out. Deer really are a

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Massive Madiba monument ?

Mandelaonmountain.jpgThe proposal of a 60m-high monument to Nelson Mandela teetering on the cliffs of Table Mountain may sound like an April Fools type joke, however, it seems like a Dutch design firm is quite serious about their idea.The Cape Argus reports that

Indians, Afrikaners out to get me

Malema-Red-Beret1.jpgEconomic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has alleged that the tax case against him is a politically motivated conspiracy run by a group of Indians 'in bed' with Afrikaners, the Sunday Times reported.

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My wife turned into snake

Snake.jpgA Mamelodi man accused of strangling his wife and two young children claims he was wrestling with a snake when he attacked his wife."When I explained to him that this person I was with changed into a figure like a snake and that I tried to

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SA will continue Madiba's legacy

mandela_day.gifSouth Africa will uphold former president Nelson Mandela's legacy beyond his lifespan, the international peace icon's ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela said in a Radio 702 interview on Thursday morning.

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Mock-up cover released


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