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Does Puleng Mash-Spies eat line fish?




Puleng has been described as a bimbo, dumb blonde and some even called her stupid after she appeared on the BBC show. Her famous phrases are ‘Shut the front door!’ and ‘What the fudge?’ which got her some crazy responses from other twitter followers like Jo-ann Strauss who was not impressed with the obscenity of it all and tweeted, “I think we need to print #ShutTheFrontDoor T-shirts and use the proceeds to fund Puleng’s new R15K shoes.”

 Declaring herself the ‘Queen of Dainfern’, she also refers to herself as a ‘restaurantra’ and these are one of many mishaps with words; sorbet pronounced as ‘strawbet’, thinks that guacamole is a salad and would like to know what a ‘line fish’ is.

 She is married to a fast food outlet owner and describes her hubby as an ‘Afrikaner in his 40’s’ who loves her African hair but pays for her weave because that is how he met her. This is a fine example of the class of people we are willing to give celebrity status to in Mzansi.


PS: Puleng, selling one pair of your Louboutins could most definitely feed an entire African village with line fish and chips.




By Martine Hendricks



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