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Assassination plot foiled

U president Zuma ebeyi target  kunye nabaphathi aphezulu be ANC bebeyi target ye mass assesination. Four men belonging to a right wing extremist group have been arrested over the weekend and are facing charges of high treason and terrorism.

In raids that were carried out in farms across Gauteng, Northern Cape and Limpopo; ilaptops ne files eziphethe iplans nefoto ezicacisa uba lomkhuba uzogilwa njani kwi Nkomfa yase MangaungGrand- grand the killings were set for Monday, the second day of the conference.  Abagranelwa u Mark Trollip, John Martin Keevy, Johan Hendrik Prinsloo and Hein Boonzaaier, bavele kwi kundla yase Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court bexhagwe ngono gada.  The men are linked to other right wing groups and it is said that there will be more arrests made regarding the situation. 

Ityala limiselwe i 8 zaka January 2013.  The men will remain in police custody until then.





By Dulcie Baleni

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