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Five men charged with murder and rape


On the 16th December 2012 in India, five men and a teenage boy attacked and raped a 23-year-old woman and her male companion on a bus for hours.  They also attacked her with an iron bar which caused severe internal injuries which later contributed to her death.  b_290_200_16777215_00_images_news_original_pic_of_rape_victim_and_her_in_hospital.jpgThe woman and her companion were coming back from a night out and they boarded the private bus on which they were attacked.  The bus drove throughout the city and after the attackers were done with their crime, they dumped them on the side of the road, naked.  All this was done because they wanted to teach her a lesson.  The bus driver even attempted to drive over her.  The rape caused a major outcry in India and the rest of the world.

Crimes against women often go ignored in India and there is a rape reported every 20 minutes.  Almost none of the rape cases ever go to court and the police suggest the women should just reach a compromise with their attackers.  The rape of the 23-year-old woman sparked protests across the country and there have been calls for laws that protect women in the country.

The five men will be charged with murder and the teenager will be trialed as a juvenile, although people are protesting that he should be charged the same as the other men because of the severity of the crime.  The five men were the bus driver, the bus driver’s brother, a fruit vendor, the bus washer and a fitness trainer.  The men face castration and death by hanging.  There is a new call for rape to be punishable by death in India.




By Dulcie Baleni


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