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Money talks- Inbox Mark Zuckerberg



b_290_200_16777215_00_images_news_Mark_Zuckerberg.jpgYou can send an inbox message to Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg for a cool R900

The tech blog Mashable reported that Facebook users trying to message Zuckerberg are offered the option to fork out R900 to ensure that their message reaches the Facebook CEO's inbox. This is according to the TimesLive report.

The newspaper reported that Zuckerberg has more than 16 million followers on the site.

If awaufuni ukeeper inyuku, lo message izophelela  somewhere in Zuckerberg's ‘other’ message folder, an often overlooked purgatory between the spam folder and the inbox.

The company is also testing a service that lets people pay R10 per message to route communications to non-friends' inboxes.

Facebook says it's testing the prices to see what works to filter spam.



By Siphiwo Nkonki

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