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Professor Rocks as a Metro Cop


 Superstar, Professor arrived at the Metros dressed in police regalia.The Kalawa Jazzmee artist looked like a real gaata in the uniform, smart. He looked like a Metro cop.

The SAPS Act of 1995 states that it is an offence for anyone who is not a police officer to wear a police uniform. Permission needs to be obtained.Senior Superintendent Eugene Msomi uthe uyangabaza ukuthi uProfessor uwuthole yini upermission wokuthi aqhoke lezimphahla zamaphoyisa.

The Mercury broke the story that Professor would be investigated. Msomi said Professor’s decision to rock up kumaMetros in cop uniform is definitely being investigated.

Professor certainly had the crowd surprised and kept them entertained throughout the night. He scooped two awards at the end of the evening.Sekuyisikhathi uprofessor eqhoka impahla yamaphoyisa uma ecula, okumangazayo ukuthi yini manje sebefunza ukumphanda?

If found guilty, the artist may face up to inyanga eziwu-6 ejele or be fined.Ngomgqibelo Metro FM held its awards at the Durban ICC where the who’s who of Mzansi celebrities and musicians attended.

Prof won the Best Male and Best Kwaito Album for his latest album The Orientation. His boss and music colleague Oscar Mdlongwa, won the Song of the year for his smash hit Tsa Mandebele. For a change an Oscar that does good.

Chicco Twala, the veteran was honored with a lifetime achievement award, bosso!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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  • Guest (Douglas L. Latimer)


    This is the crime if you wear the police or cop uniform because that might have a pretty bad effect on the reputation of the police department. But the artists are wearing this because they confirm the grant. I really like this interesting nsw-writers.com evaluates assignment writers content about the professor rocks new song update.

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