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Sugar Daddies go on Rampage



The old sugar daddies are back in the spotlight again and are causing serious damage to our society and future of Mzansi.

The old geysers are causing so much havoc that the Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi had to speak out against


 this guys. He said these guys are partly responsible for the scourge of high HIV rates ekasi.

The minister eberinga at the Gert Sibande municipality which has the highest infection numbers in Mpumalanga. Ubaringele ivaaruit abo- sugar daddies out right without fear.

He accused them of infecting the little girls with HIV. Lamancuncwane are young and naïve, they have no idea what they are doing; bagcwala nje nge money these geysers are giving them. They give them money and other goodies.

This mangamanga business yabo sugar daddy spiraled out of control that ugovernment wase KZN even had advertisement boards warning about the dangers of these grootmans. Sugar daddies are usually getrou guys with families and kids the age of their young cherries.

HIV is very high in Mzansi, highest than any country in the world and these guys are not helping matters by doing this. Some of the chicks they go after are as young as 10 years, really now grottmans, really!

The age of consent is 16, but recently a court ruled that 12 year old can have dava dava with other 12 year old. The sugar daddies must have misunderstood this ruling completely.

In 2011, almost 100k girls fell pregnant from abo-buti madlisa. 80k had an abortion; this does not include those that did it the illegal way by going to the bogus backyard doctors.

A staggering 28% of Mzansians tested positive for HIV. Although this administration has done well to decrease the numbers of new infections, more still needs to be done.

Currently there have been a lot of rape in the news, where the victims are rapped and then some are killed after. Even president Jacob Zuma lambasted this lomsangano.

Sugar Daddies we ask you to please stay with your wife, for the sake of goodness.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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