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Mzansi bioskop yakhula

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_sarafina.jpgMzansi bioskop is steadily growing year after year in terms of movies being made and produced cinemas as well as television.

The industry is currently experiencing its best year ever to date, and the next year can even be better if this trend is followed. However we are still not even a mile near Hollywood or Bollywood. Nollywood are the biggest movie producers in Africa. They are Nigeria’s answer to Hollywood.

Most movies being made in Mzansi angesibhunu, Afrikaans. There was even an adult movie called kwaai Naai which showed how the Afrikaners do their thing in between the sheet.

There are various factors which have played a pivotal role in this growth, the department of trade and Industry has helped a great deal in terms of protecting this industry as well as in other ways it might have helped. Movie piracy is still a big problem though and this is killing the industry as well as talent that are out there ekasi. Nganiyekeni amfong kong majita.

Just four years ago the industry made over a million randelas, now that price has increased ten fold. In 2006 a South African movie, Tsotsi won an Oscar Award. Oscars are American Awards recognising the actors and everything to do with movies.

One of the lead actresses in that movie, Terry Pheto went on to achieve massive success in film. Last year she appeared on the popular American soapie, The Bold and the Beautiful. Eish mhle ke losisi, DJ Sbuda must be kicking himself for letting this goddess go, but ya ne.

Currently there’s a movie, Sleeper’s Wake showing on selected cinemas in Mzansi. There would be another Spud movie as well. This movie is based on a book, a novel by the same name. The book is hilarious so expect to lol a lot when you watch the movie. Spud I made a cool R15 million, however, it is without doubt Leon Schuster who holds the crown in terms of movies and sales. All his movies sell in a region of millions.

Schucks Tshabalala!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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