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Not for sale to persons under 21

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Under21.jpgThe government of Mzansi is now planning to stop selling of alcohol to all people under 21 years of age.

 Okwangoku, the alcohol advertisements say the age limit is 18 but if rhulumente has its way this will change kungentsuku zatywala.

Urhulumente uzithethelela athi utywala causes a lot of problems and harm. Kaloku utywala is the cause of many road accidents; it harms individuals as well as society at large.

Alcohol is also strongly associated with domestic violence and crime. Utywala buyabulala nyan nyan ke majita and the government might be on to something here.

 It has also proposed that if you going to take the wheel you shouldn’t even drink a tot of your favorite whisky. At this point amajita are shaking their thick heads ekasi, moja.

Already the Gauteng government has proposed that utywala bub=ngathengiswa ngeSundays. Long time ago the ANCYL when it still had substance said the same thing, but we all know who holds the biggest parties eMzansi, with booze and red meat with traces of goat and donkey meat in it.

If they are going to increase the age then they might as well increase the age of partying ne. this means if you pass your matric at 19 you can celebrate by having a juice and or a cool drink with a pie, cool!

As if they know they might be stepping on toes here, rhulumente uthi uyayazi uzinqikele ilitye elinembovane ngalento ngoku ke uzilungiselele for umlo omkhulu from people like SAB and many record companies LOL.

There are a lot of illegal shebeens ekasi and these are selling alcohol even to the kids under the age of 18. Most Mzansi teens are alcoholics. They have nothing to do on weekends and therefore turn to utywala to enjoy themselves.Parents this is going to stop and we must enforce it,Either kids tow the line or we make them tow it.

Many young women end up being victims of rape because of alcohol; the government has a winner here.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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