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Kids are drunkards




It is reported that half of amajimbos amancane eMzansi are izidakwa zangempela.

In the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest provinces eMzansi, one in two guys is a dronkie, smh. Amajita are so sleg that they even have a puza face.

The province has now taken a drive to educate abantu abasha kwelaphondo about the dangers of alcohol. Most of these kids are dependent on alcohol.


 It is even worse if the kid comes out of a family where alcohol is used as tea or coffee. If abazali baydakwa chances are the kid will be isidakwa too.

Recently Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi announced that his department was planning on increasing the age of alcohol consumption from 18 to 21.

There are reports also that utywala should not be sold on Sundays. Kids ought to be in church ngeSonto and not shebeen. Many youngsters are unaware of the dangers of alcohol nje.

There is always a danger of rape. If you too drunk you are les likely to have self control and you might end up at places you don’t know.Alcohol affects the brain as well. Most people can’t recall what they got up to the night before. There is also a chance of one being alcohol dependant if he/she starts ukudakwa at a vey young age.Ekasi there are many illegal shebeens that are selling utywala kubantwana aba underage. Currently the age limit is 18 but if Aaron has his way, konke lokho kuzoshintsha maduze.

He seems to have the backing of his boss on this, Jacob Zuma. Alcohol also plays a big role in teenage pregnancy, violent behavior as well as domestic violence.

Amaksi amaningi are scarcely equipped and there is nothing to do so izingane nje turn to utywala to forget about their situation.

By Siphiwo Nkonki 

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