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Eat your meat

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_meat.jpgDespite everything that has been reported in the media lately, red meat is still good and safe to eat.This was told to parliament yesterday that Mzansians ought not to worry about the other forms of meat found as those are also duidelik to eet.

The reports started in Britain and just when Mzansians  thought they were laughing at the Britons, boom, traces of donkey, white buffalo, goat, camel and horse meat were found to be mixed in their meat as well. This had the whole of Mzansi asking how this could be.

Where amajita thought they were having an inkomo braai with a few cold one, it transpired that that bone they were licking was a donkey jaw bone, LOL.

This did not deter amajita at all, they continued to flock to chisa nyama, because, meat is meat and man must eat. izolo there were also reports that traces of human tissue were found in meat but even that is not enough to convince amajita to gooi their chicken breasts away. Amajita love chicken breasts finish and klaar.

Amagrootman ayiverstanayo yonke die ding ye- meat production have said it zonke bonke kugrand to eat those animals. But ismoko siwaar, it’s with all this is false labeling. bekuzobagrand if it was written on a label what kind of animal died for human consumption and satisfaction. Vegetarians are having the loudest laugh in all of this, eish.

In Mzansi imbuzi kwamzukwana idliwa or kanjani bafethu. Iskhathi esibaaie yiyo esetyenziswayo when the traditional ceremony is being carried out. Goat milk is also used to manufacture cheese, so yini ijive if bafumanise ukuba sho ikhona enyameni ethengiswa esilarheni.

In a desert, when amajita run out of igawula they eat the camel. Given its size, the buffalo can pass as a cow any day ekasi. The government might as well just open everything up to be eaten; this could save the chicken population a great deal.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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