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Happy Sindane is no more


One of Mzansi’s favourite sons, Happy Sindane has passed away.It appears that Happy was murdered as his body was found depleted with wounds. Some say he was stoned to death.10 years ago Mzansi was introduced to Happy Sindane who at the time claimed to have been a white boy kidnapped by a black family. He was looking for his real parents.

It was established that his real name was Abbey Mzayiya and that his mother was in all probability dead and could have been a domestic worker. This threw mud to claims of being kidnapped. Happy returned to his black grandmother after that.This young man has lived a life full of tragedy. His has been a bumper ride of an existence. Mzansi loved Happy although he has been out of the news lately.

Social networks have been abuzz with the sad news of Happy’s passing away. He was a celebrity in his own right. At one time he received a huge payout settlement.Paint manufacturers, Dulux, had to settle with Happy after they used his face on their advertisement without prior agreement with him. A trust fund was established for this troubled young boy.

Happy then disappeared for a few months. A couple of years ago he reappeared again, another tragedy had happened to him.He was run over by two vehicles after he lay down on a road. He suffered injuries to the head and was rushed to hospital. But like a true warrior, Happy survived and lived to tell the tale.

He also suffered injuries to his nether areas. Ever since that injury he has been completely out of the news and was almost forgotten by many people ekasi. Then the news of his untimely death hit.

Given his troubled life and hardship, it could be said that Happy has finally found peace. Hamba kahle Sindane, Mzansi will miss you.

By Siphiwo Nkonki 

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  • Guest (Happy Sindane)


    It is really heart breaking to know that Happy Sindane has passed away. An essay writing service has written great things about this man. He has suffered a lot in his life and am really sad about this incident. I am sure that he will not suffer anymore in the after life.

  • Guest (Ronith)


    Life is filled with struggles and the one who find happiness in the bad days also is the one blessed with god's support and power. In the articles of Content Writing Hyderabad , I have read about this story. I am in a big shock after reading that how some one can murder such a lovely man.Deep condolence for happy.

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