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Blacks are ugly


Of everybody in Mzansi, black people are the least attractive and are a pain to look at.This is according to the survey conducted by the best university in Mzansi, University of Cape Town. It reported this on its campus newspaper kutshanje.

Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko graduated from this institution. But what does pigmentation has to do with attractiveness vele?

It seems that some people refuse to come out of the dungeons. One of the most beautiful and attractive women in the world, Beyonce is as black as they come. Granted she is not Mzansian, but still, she is black.

This report by the varsity had student organizations fuming labeling it racist and unnecessary. It could be said that the people have spoken.

So what do black people have to do to look attractive and how do you measure attractiveness? Not to long ago a black artist released a song titled, BLACKS ARE FOOLS. Soon after that WC premier, Helen Zille said the black students/learners in her province are refugees.

So many years after democracy dawned in Mzansi there are still people who think like this. What happened to the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

The Xhosa people are fond of saying ‘Amehlo awaphakelani’. What one person may see as un-pretty or unattractive, another may see it as beautiful and divine.

When you add all three mentioned “insults” you come out with Refugee blacks are fools and unattractive.

Could it be the African features that make most people feel that Black Mzansians are not eye candy? The students who participated in the survey ought to hang their heads in shame over this. Beauty is skin deep.

The University has since apologised for this report. Black people can feel attractive again. So if you sexy and you know it, flaunt what you mama gave you!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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