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Mzansians Snubbing Facebook



Mzansians are snubbing social network, Facebook in droves.Amajita namcherri ekasi are sick and tired of this social network that they are constantly deleting their accounts yonke imihla.It apperars that mzansians have better things to worry about and have figured ways to spend their time. Facebook has come full circle for amajita.

With the numbers dwindling in as fold members leaving, another network site is gaining. Possibly by now, twitter has seen a rise in ama-members.

Facebook takes a lot of time away from users. Employers have been known to complain about the amount of time employees spend on Facebook.

They say over the past six months almost 20% of mzansians have deleted their accounts. South Africans badikwa msinya.

 Mzansi is by no means the only country where Facebook numbers are dwindling. Some people just join Facebook or open an account but never use it.

Lately Facebook hasn’t been having the best of times. For some time last year it experienced a deep in its share price.

In a bid to stay relevant, Facebook ha been trying all kinds of mechanics. They tried to use twitter hashtags. Who knows what else they are going to come up with.

But their most subscribers are the young people. They are firmly in charge of this group of people. You hardly go around without seeing a laaitie clicking on his or her phone. They are probably on Facebook

 A lot of couples have met over Facebook. Baqale bengabangane then that developed into something else. Perhaps these are the people that are now turning their back on Facebook, bayifumene ebeyfuna.

Amajita ananingi have expressed their feelings to a chick ebeyoyika over the social site. In the event of Faceboom loosing more subscribers, what would happen to those guys that are naturally scared of amacherri. Lets get back to Facebook guys and girls.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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