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Who are the Guptas


Local Amajita's are stunned and wondering what the fuss is all about.For ages we have known Kenny as the real Skothane king,little did we know Kenny has nothing compared to Guptas no wonder he could only pioneer a chopper for his birthday.Talk about Randelas and the Guptas are the main brand,in local Ekassi guys are even proposing having the 10 cents with the Guptas head.After all if you can pioneer your plane to top Military crib and get presidential escort why not.The amount of money they got is a total insult to Juju boys account.

The Sahara company that the Gupta's own turns just over R200 million and employs over 8000 people nation wide.

They own a R52 million House and are well connected to Jacob Zuma ,our only Mshosolozi.Romour is the Guptas paid for Jacob Zuma's wives home worth a staggering R3.8 million.It doesnt stop there , Duduzile Zuma's daughter is one of the Directors of Sahara.

The Guptas are so special to an extend they are demanding Diplomatic passports from South Africa,Not only are the JZ's top dog?The Guptas are two way traffic,from the DA to the ANC,They have been dining with our own special Diva HZ(Hellen Zille) and even donated some randelas to their campaign They say money buys everything and everyone.

Lets see what JZ next move will be and what Kenny will say.

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