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Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi its WAR



Just the other day we were crying out loud on how our kids are "dancing with their fathers",Seriously this booze thing is driving Ekassi bonkers.Lager,export,Lite and now Mama beers when will it stop?Brother Aaron has decided enough is enough and he is taking them head on. Not only do they sponsor UEFA league but now Heineken has embarked on an African league,they plan to spend randelas on Ekassi and make our Mama's supper drunk by unleashing a special concoction that will attract the feminine beer drinkers.

According to Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi while  Briefing the media shortly after delivering his budget vote in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Motsoaledi said he was shocked at news that breweries were targeting the African market for expansion by 50% in the next decade.

"It's chilling, you get very scared," he told Sapa.Heineken recently announced it would be targeting women with a lower alcohol content beer to increase their appetite for its lagers.

Motsoaledi said this posed a huge risk on the continent. In Africa alcohol use had been associated with road accidents, rapes, murders and diseases, which burdened the fiscus.

"It's a big risk. Imagine we want to say we want to reduce alcohol intake and here they are telling us Africa has been targeted as a new market and that they are targeting women... and there's a special beer for them by Heineken," he said.

Motsoaledi said he would fight the move because it was an "attack on women".

"When government is talking about this reduction in [alcohol] adverts, they say you are attacking the breweries, but they are attacking humanity," 

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