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Invisible Gupta's in sea water



The message is simple. DON'T MESS WITH US.The Guptas thought they were invincible just because they had few Randelas and Zuma between their legs,its so weird how people underestimate the ruling party and the politics it involves.Its not one man that rules a nation,its not the connection you got with them.

There are so many factors that determine an outcome of events especially where the state is involved and surely the Guptas just went or veered off course.The price they are about to pay for such miscalculations are enormous and their expulsion in the ANC is just a tip of the iceberg if it matures.Sources already tell us the hawks might be looking into how the Guptas roll.Expect surprises as always.

The Guptas have insulted South Africa as a nation,they have degraded our leadership and have directly challenged the authority not only of the ANC but of South Africans as a nation.

Whatever they have done,who ever they have dealt with,the Guptas present a tradition that isn't welcomed within the values of this nation and they certainly need to be tamed.And tamed they will be through thick or thin.

The fact they own Sahara computers and the fact they are millionaires means nothing compared to a nation that is the power behind the continent.There are so many ways to skin a rat,the Americans have taught us well,through the value of sanctions,Amajitas can simply decide not to buy their products until they offer a complete apology which to this end they sufficiently haven't.

Be the judge do we really need the GUPTAS?

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