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Tata revamps 'cheapest car'

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_tata_nano.JPEGIndia's top automaker Tata Motors unveiled a new version of what was once billed as the world's cheapest car on Wednesday, in a bid to reverse a slump in sales.The jellybean-shaped Nano, which sold for around R20,000 when its first

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New taxi in town

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_citroen_taxi.jpgThe taxi manufacturing industry shall soon be welcoming a new addition to its ever growing numbers.Citroen have announced that they will be releasing a new taxi to ferry Mzansians to and from work kungensuku zatywala.

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6x6 Mercedes Benz


German car manufacturers Mercedes Benz has done it again, setting a trend that other makers would surely want to follow in future.

Mercedes is a car that amajita amaningi ekasi dream about. It delivers the message to the people without you even uttering a word. Sengifikile bo lova!

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New Mini heads to Mzansi

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Mini_cooper.jpgA new stylish mini cooper will be in Mzansi by June and is expected to be a bomb given how Mzansians like the car.

The JCW Paceman was recently released eNgilani and caused a few mouth drops when the curtains were revealed. The makers claim lekari is the best in the game, of course. This mini is the

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Honda NC700XD Review

By Siphiwo Nkonki

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_800px-Honda_NC700_Series.jpgHonda is back with a new reverting NC700XD, a bike that can be used for daily commuting as well as for long rides, just you nocherri wakho.

Le Bike kaHonda banjiswe nge in-line 2-cylinder 670 cm3 engine is a lightweight and compact unit with a low centre of gravity.

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Kia Optima crowned car of the year

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_reviews_kia.jpgRoad and travel magazine has named Kia Optimal ikari yonyaka for 2013 at the North American International Auto Show.

"The Kia Optima rose to the top of the list as the most emotionally compelling vehicle above all others. Road and Travel Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Courtney Caldwell reported in the magazine. 

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BMW M3 sedan on its way.


Magenge sekunjalo, Igusheshe likhona! The new BMW M3 sedan F80 is ready and will be available in 2014 Mzansi.

Leli gusheshe is the most powerful M3 ever. Yikari erepresenta the essence of what intsimbi yamarhumsha should be.

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Mock-up cover released


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