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Mazda MX-5 2013 – Facelift Sneak Peek



The metamorphosis of the MX-5 is once again at hand and being one of the best sports models of all time, always highly anticipated.

The design of this Mazda roadster has a more powerful look and is said to be ready for launch within the next two years. On the mechanical side of things, the throttle response is much more sharp and the brake booster proportioning will allow controlled stopping. Acceleration after braking becomes smoother because of this.

If you are finding yourself drooling over this sexy little ride, known as the MX-5 overseas, then these enhancements will motivate you even more to save and sacrifice to own this baby in 2013.

·         Revised grill – Larger grille opening

·         17-inch aluminium wheels

·         Aggressive front fascia

·         New fog lamp bezels

·         Classy interior changes


Power and agility can be expected with Mazda and the two seater, open top beauty will most likely exceed expectations when it finally makes its appearance in 2013. The dashboard boasts a glossy dark finish for the ultimate in sports sophistication and you are spoilt for choice with 3 new exterior colours.




By Martine Hendricks

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