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New Mini heads to Mzansi

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Mini_cooper.jpgA new stylish mini cooper will be in Mzansi by June and is expected to be a bomb given how Mzansians like the car.

The JCW Paceman was recently released eNgilani and caused a few mouth drops when the curtains were revealed. The makers claim lekari is the best in the game, of course. This mini is the  seventh model from the released by the makers of this sexy small car.

The inside of the car is ayoba though, it has sports seats, leather steering wheel, black interior trim and roof liner and dark-coloured dials. Your sdudla can sit comfortably in this car and show her cleavage for the haters while you bang your favourite house tune driving two kilometers an hour down Jeppe Street eJozi.

Lomtana usuka from, 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds, Usain Bolt eat your heart out. The top it runs is 226km.Le kari is powered by a 1.6 four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine capable of 160kW/280Nm.The wheels are pumped by the engine, all four of them,s khokho ntwana lesi. Makoya wenene.

Nopetiloli ayimudli kakhulu, iphuza nje 7.4 litres in 100km. Bolt drinks more Energade than this car,that is for sure.

Not much has changed in this car though. It rertains most of its attractive features that made the likes of Jub Jub want to get one. We all know what happened when Jubby drove a Cooper in 2010.The two rear seat backrests can be folded down, increasing the amount of load space to 1080 litres. The body of the car is still the same as was seen in the flick Italian Job with Charlize Theron.

Knowing how famous the car is ekasi with both amajita nabocherri this new model is sure to fly like amagwinya ashushu at dealershops by the time it lands in winter. The size of this car makes it a perfect car for the season.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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