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6x6 Mercedes Benz




b_290_200_16777215_00_images_mercedes-benz-6x6-side.jpgGerman car manufacturers Mercedes Benz has done it again, setting a trend that other makers would surely want to follow in future.

Mercedes is a car that amajita amaningi ekasi dream about. It delivers the message to the people without you even uttering a word. Sengifikile bo lova! The car is so famous eMzansi that it even has a plantation plant khona la eMonti. Most Mzansi politicians prefer it to other cars. It’s classy they’d tell you. Even when they were negotiating a “bribe” during the arms deal, this is the car that was handed over as that “bribe”.

 A couple of years ago, then minister of transport, Sbu Ndebele also received a “gift” of a Mercedes. Lekari nje amajita ayayincanywa grand grand.

Now lamajita atyuna lekari eJamani have dropped a new 6x6. Yaphuma i-4x4 kwangena i-6x6, Mercedes are on the level of their own without a doubt.

Le 6x6 intsha is mostly based on the G Wagon,usayikhumbula leyo?

Bathi le 6x6 ikunika lafeel ye-limo nje. It has 6 wheels to negotiate its way through the potholes zasePolokwane that are as big as the upper rondavel of Nkandla homestead.

Kuyaqala ukubakho ikari eso since ngeminyaka yo 1930. So if ungumadala from that time you are reminded of your youth days again by Mercedes.

Ibari nje yasekasi esarhubuluzayo cannot afford lentsimbi unfortunately. Iyabiza kau and ikumaregion of amamillions. Infact it costs 4.8 million, which is more than the money most of amita would make in a life time.

It has 37 inch rims to bulldoze everything esendleleni yayo. Perfect car for lezikhothane zama-matric learners for hire if they want to make a show off kwi-farewell yabo.

This car, a G63 is also limited as only just 30 of it would be on sale a year, if uyayifuna you better hurry up and order. Walala wasala!

Mercedes are the kings in this business nje.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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