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New taxi in town


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_citroen_taxi.jpg The taxi manufacturing industry shall soon be welcoming a new addition to its ever growing numbers.Citroen have announced that they will be releasing a new taxi to ferry Mzansians to and from work kungensuku zatywala. Lebaby intsha will give abo-Quantum, Inyathi and Siyaya stiff competition. Citroen is confident that they will compete with these vehicles. All the same, ngabagibeli that are set to be the biggest winners in the end.

Lamatekisi will be a 15 seater and comes equipped with airbags for all 15 passengers. Knowing our taxi bosses, that is going to be ignored and they are going to make the taxi an 18/20 seater.

The taxi industry is estimated to be worth a billion randelas a year. Perhaps Citroen is on the money here. Many of the taxis operating on Mzansi potholed roads are not up to scratch and shouldn’t even be on the road.

The determining factors would definitely be the safety and price of these taxis. When it came out, the Quantum taxis were said to be an accident waiting to happen and considered unsafe for the passengers.

To add to that, izingozi eziningi ezenzakalayo on our roads almost always seem to involve a taxi. Taxi drivers are well known for breaking traffic rules and laws and thinking that they own imigwaqo.

Even these new Citroen Kombis ngeze bakushintsha lokhu. Amatekisi lana are set to arrive this quarter. Walala wasala no-taxi.

It remains to be seen how the users would relate towards them. The Quantum got so many people excited that most of them wanted to ride only in them.

People would by pass a normal taxi and rather wait for a Quantum at a stop. So far it can be said that Quantums have no real competition. With Citroen on board, all that could change. We wait.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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