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The game has changed a little in the motor industry kulonyaka.There’s a new king of the streets. They say nobody rules forever and that good things come to an end. For a very long time, Toyota has been running the numbers in as far as vehicle sales have been concerned.

Possibly there are more Toyotas on the road than any other car. In Mzansi this is the undisputed truth.

Things changed a little in the numbers game last year though. Ford took over the reigns in 2012. They gave Toyota a sucker-punch so to speak.

Ford Focus brought in more money than any car last year. They are officially new kings. They wear the crown.

It toppled Toyota from its perch. This means that, today, there are more ford focus’ on the road than there are Toyotas. Change had to come at some point.

It’s easy to see why amajita have bought the car in as many numbers as they have. The car is sexy, simple as that. Anything sexy is good for the guys.

This could be reason why majita were willing to fork out for this engine. But it is not the only reason. So why has this car become so popular last year?

For starters, its top speed is 248 kilometres per hour. Not very fast you may say. But it still takes you to where you want to go. And why would you want to rush when uphethe ubaby onje?

Ayidli kakhulu nepetrol lekari. It saves it by up to 20%. This is good news if you living in mzansi where petrol goes up everyday and for any reason.

It appears that the car is enviro friendly as well. Its engine is eco-friendly kaloku. It doesn't dirty the air. Mzansians can still breathe with this car around.

It wastes just 7.2 litres per 100 kilometres. Buyers were sensible when choosing to buy this car.

Bosso ke mang!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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