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The dictator review




Starring Sasha Baron-Cohen as General Admiral Aladeen, a dictator from the fictional North African country of Wadiya.  General Admiral Aladeen lives a lavish lifestyle surrounded by bodyguards and a number of followers and he gets to have sex with anyone that he wants including Megan Fox, who makes a cameo in the film. 

Aladeen’s premier, Tahir, played by Ben Kingsley, is plotting to have the dictator overthrown so that the country may become a democratic one. Tahir sends Aladeen to the United Nations in New York - USA, hoping an assassination will take place; but before Aladeen gets there he is de-bearded by an American torturer.  Without his beard, Aladeen looks unrecognizable and he finds himself wondering the streets of Manhattan while he is impersonated by a body double. 

During his wonderings through New York, Aladeen encounters an extreme left wing feminist and health food store owner, Zoey (Anna Faris).  Despite their differences in beliefs, Aladeen finds himself falling hard for Zoey. 

The movie is a satirical one that takes a stab at democracy, dictatorships, feminism, abortions and many more gags throughout the film.  Although the humor is in bad taste, it will get laughs from the audience.  It is very different from the other movies that Baron-Cohen has made in the past, such as Borat and Bruno.  You would expect the same kind of humor in The Dictator but it is actually a breath of fresh air from the usual that you would expect from Baron-Cohen.

Running time:  83 minutes

Age Restriction:  16 LVSN

Starring:  Sasha Baron-Cohen, Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, John C.  Reilly

Where to get it:  Musica, Look and Listen (if they still have stock, that is)

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