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Miguel kaleidoscope dream


When Miguel first appeared on the scene, he was just one of those guys who was there but just did not really capture your attention.  His first album, All I Want Is You, had some great tracks such as “All I Want Is You” featuring J.  Cole and his other almost big hit was “Sure Thing”. 

Fast forward now to 2012 and the man is making a name for himself.  Kaleidoscope Dream came out and the first single off that album had everyone going crazy about it.  “Adorn” is the first single off the album and there is no question as to why this song is a smash.  Everything about this song is just great. 

The whole album gives off that chilled vibe with some songs that just make you want to two-step to them.  It is great for a lazy Sunday vibe where you don’t feel like doing anything and just let the music take over you.  Other songs that might do it for you include “Do You…”, “Use Me”, “Kaleidoscope Dream” and “Candles In The Sun”.  All in all, the album is definitely something that you should give a listen to.



By Dulcie Baleni

Photo:  michael madison @flickr

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