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Ipad mini review




The iPad phenomenon has definitely changed the face of handheld technology. The fantastic thing about it is the fact that it does not favour a specific type of class or culture recognising a spectrum of users with varied usability.

Introducing the iPad mini, a minimized version of the iPad 2, weighing in at a nifty 302g. Light with an aluminium unibody combining the look of the iPad with the fourth generation iPhone. A 5MP main camera and 1.2MP face camera, displayed by a 4.6 inch wide screen is effective and clear-cut.

Performance wise, the iPad mini in comparison to the iPad 2 are virtually the same as the mini handles every task just as well as its counterpart. The experience with the iPad mini changes according to the varied apps used on the device. It is true that magazine apps are best viewed on the iPad 2 because of the high resolution required.

This mini device fits snuggly into your back pocket and can be held for extended periods thus making it a  more comfortable than the typical 7 inch tablets. Battery life is good, lasting for a pleasurable 9-10 hours from full charge.


By Martine Hendricks

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