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What makes the Samsung Smart TV so smart?

The new Samsung Smart TV is as intellectual as the name portrays. The sleek features are luxurious and this allows the consumer to get lost in its intelligence and functionality.


Media Happy

samsung smart TVAre you always on the lookout for movies and TV shows? Well the Smart TV makes the search easy and before you know it, you are slumbered in your seat, watching your favourite classics. It also recommends movies for you relating to genre you usually choose… fancy or what?

This is an internet TV, only smarter and boasts built-in Wi-Fi, making it a quick and easy process to set up. Other features to mesmerize you:


·         Browse the Web

·         Download the coolest Samsung Apps

·         Chat on all Social Networks

·         3D picture and sound


Accesorise and Maximise

The Smart Hub is the access to all of the wonders on the Smart TV and by using the Two-sided remote (with QWERTY keypad…sweet) one can watch a movie while browsing the web.

Be amazed by Samsung’s new One Design, which has been developed to maximise viewing pleasure and give sleek dimension to the interior of the home.


Sensory stimulation

The 3D feature is sublime as one is taken on a journey of the senses with the extreme realism and cinematic experience. The sound has been elevated to define clarity and suite the TV’s design and functional ability. It has a cute function called the 3D converter which magically allows you to watch 2D programming in 3D.


Why Samsung?

Although Samsung is not the first manufacturer to pair internet connectivity with multimedia ability, because of Samsung’s evolving standards, the Smart TV range has been growing and changing. The user is taken on a journey with the LED backlit screen which has rich blacks paired with vivid colour. The light sensor has energy saving capabilities and adjusts brightness according to conditions (sun reflecting on the screen).

A great brand name, good accessories, user friendly and a modern home must-have.




By Martine Hendricks

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