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Free Wi-Fi on Samsung

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_samsung.jpegCellphone maker, Samsung has decided to give its users an early Easter present by providing them with a free data.

Samsung users will from now receive a cool 1GB per month from the company to keep in touch with abocherri and abomakwapheni and their sex buddies. This offer will last for a year, Samsung yiBozza.

This offer will surely put Samsung ahead of Blackberry in terms of popularity. Kulamalanga iBlackberry ayisenayo iBIS, MTN uyithathile and now users of the cellphone are left with an egg on their face, LOL.

The brand, Samsung is looking to ukukhula and makes its presence felt apha eMzansi. Okwangoku Samsung is number three in terms of popularity, behind Nokia and Blackberry.

Samsung would be hoping to make Mzansians catch a wake up and see that they are the major players in the cellphone game. If this offer doesn’t catapult them to the summit of the cellphone game nothing will.

Le offer is likely to cause a few phone makers to up their game in trying to beat Samsung at this, Nokia is definitely watching this with keen interest and could make a counter offer if not a better one too. Until then though, Samsung is a winner with this one.

There’s a catch to this offer though, not all those that own a Samsung phone will receive this data. Ifphone yakho ayizukuyifumana this data if it’s more than three years old. So if you own an E250, khohlwa!

Samsung currently is looking to tap and exploit the virgin market of the third world. This, it has made no secret of.

With this initiative and generosity, abamakoya be- cellphone are on a right track about their planned takeover of the developing world, ngaphandle kwamathandabuzo. So if you don’t have a Samsung already, got get it before it’s too late.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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