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Weak security for iPhone 5


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_iphone.jpgIf you own an iPhone 5 you’d better know that it’s security measures are some of the weakest in phone technology.
The Apple phone has been selling like amagwinya ashushu but now this mangamanga business in its security system is cause for concern. For sure the phone doesn’t come cheap, umjita has to save for months to buy it or take it on account, and now this.
Utsotsi can work around your security measure on the phone by just playing with it apparently.

This adds to previous complaints by users that ibattery lalephone has no lasting power, just a two minutes noodle kind of staying power.
 Kulula ukuyi bypass isecurity yalephone, even a preschool kid can do it, you just begin the shutdown procedure, and interrupt that with an emergency call, followed by the off button and Cancel.
Any moegoe from  ekasi can do that.
Abanye abantu have their whole lives on theses phones, the last thing they want is for some other people, and strangers learning all about their business just by clicking a few buttons.
But Apple as always was quick to remedy itself by improving the system in a way of upgrade.  The company couldn’t mess with its cash cow, kaloku lephone iza neRandelas for Apple. They have made ama-updates amancane nje ukwelapha amashortcomings ayo.
Steve Jobs wouldn’t be happy about this. He was a perfectionist. We hope Apple learns something from this little mess as it has provided the people with material of the highest quality always.
By Siphiwo Nkonki

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