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The tiger claws to the top


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Tigerwoods_cheaters_club.jpegTiger Mahlati Woods has done it again; he has ascended to the top of the golfing world again after he briefly borrowed the throne to some players.

Woods has reclaim his spot and done it with style. The ruler is back golf fanatics, Woods is home at number one and you know it’s a fact.No need to call the SPCA this Tiger is unattainable and does its thing on the golf course. Tiger is swift like a snake in grass.

This is surely a relief for Tiger and many of his supporters. It has been a long journey to the top. They say its one thing to reach the top but quite another to stay at it.

Prior to loosing his place at number one, Woods had occupied it for almost a decade if not over it. He is greedy with it. Akawadlali ampopayi lomjita and his colleagues are now scratching their heads thinking how did they let him sneak in on them.

To some, Mahlati is the greatest golf player of all times. Clearly the man has not had an equal since he started out last century. Even our very own Ernie Els can attest to that, Tiger is just special. He is a Ronaldo of golf, special and skillful.

At the moment he is looking for his 15th major, he currently has 14 majors. Who can stand in the way of a fuming Tiger?

At the rate he is going and given his young age in as far as golf is concerned, Woods may very well go on to topple Jack Nicklaus. Jack has 18 majors and is the only golfer ahead of Mahlati in terms of majors won.

Mahlati played his best golf while he was still married and his form dropped suddenly when it was discovered that he cheated on her,the Tiger hasn't wasted time and he's breeding again with Lindsey Vonn

Good to see you on top Tiger,ones you go black you never turn back.

Keep it up!

By Siphiwo Nkonki 


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