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Chelsea Wins Europa 2-1


The mood was high and just as deep as our House music so was the crowd,they jeered and cheered a reminder of our local vuvuzelas and yet it wasn't to be for Benfica.Fernando Torres the unloved Chelsea striker was the first to create havoc in the second half which was swiftly answered by Oscar Carodozo penalty in the 66 min.The pressure was there on both sides with the managers streaming and screaming orders and yet there could only be one winner.Just before the final whistle came a corner,a corner that defined the 2013 Europa League and the final header was the piercing needle that shut the whole Benfica fans up.And yes Finally Chelsea got themselves a well deserved win through Ivanovic.

I guess it has been a custom lately for outgoing Chelsea coaches to win,The question is will Jose be back?and will he outshine all the previous coaches?The love and bond chelsea fans and Jose have is so strong  and hopefully Jose can bring chelsea back to the long lost glory he ones gave then

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