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Atletico Madrid Wins Copa del Rey

atletico.jpgThe first half was tough,evened out with both teams attacking defending as should be.

Come the second half,Real madrid showed what their capabilities are they outplayed Atletico in every single way  and yet it wasn't to be as Atletico grabbed the lead in extra time when Brazilian defender Miranda headed in Jorge ''Koke''  cross .As always Jose Mourinho couldn't keep to his seat and was sent off in the second half at the 76 min while doing what he does best"protesting".Ronaldo suffered the same fate as what appeared not to be a foul or an intentional foul.The match was marred by bad refereeing and poor decision making.

The question is will Mourinho stay after such an humiliating season?a season without a trophy?My guess is the same as yours.

Atletico Madrid hasn't beaten Madrid in the past 10 games and surely they couldn't have done it better after 14 years of drought

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