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Karate in Mzansi

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_sport_karate2.jpgKarate is the best sport when it comes to teaching discipline, even if someone craps on you; you can’t just kick the hell out of him. But herein Mzansi thats not the case; we are very aggressive, karate would be a bonus. Imagine, if you had a quarrel with someone in a shebeen  and had kung fu how would you react to someone stealing your booze? Hahaha it would be hilarious nhe?  “Your great grandfather stole my greatgranny’s igwinya and for that I will have to whip your buttocks”!  ja nhe life will be good.

Chiefs vs Pirates derby rush

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_sport_chiefs-pirates.jpegJust in case you don’t know, the December 8 derby between Chiefs and Pirates is almost Kaput, all the R40 and R60 tickets have been sold out ,according to Pirates' official website on Monday.

 "We are used to having sell-outs for the big Soweto derby against Chiefs," the website reported.

 "But for this kind of rush, almost two weeks before the game, is unprecedented. What is usually the case, is that the fans wait until the last minute to obtain their seats and then there is a mad rush."

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